How to Join

  • “10% Deposit Bonus 2021 Promotion” is open to existing and new clients of “Anzo Capital Limited” regardless of account type.
  • The promotion commences from 1 April 2020.
  • To be eligible for this promotion, client must fulfill the following conditions:
      1. The crediting of bonus will only begin from a minimum deposit of USD 500. Past deposits before the minimum deposit of USD 500 will not be used for deposit accumulation towards your bonus calculation.
      2. During the Promotion Period, the client must send an email to [email protected], with the details of client’s name, contact number, email address, MT4/MT5 trading account number, Anzo Cap Back Office ID and the corresponding bonus before the start of trading. Clients who send in email to claim for the bonus after trading has begun will not be eligible. Trading volume will start calculating upon receipt of client’s confirmation email from Anzo Cap.


Deposit Amount (USD)

Trading Volume* (Bonus/2.5)

Deposit Bonus (10% of Deposit Amount)

Below USD 500



USD 500

20 Lots

USD 50

USD 1,000

40 Lots

USD 100

USD 10,000

400 Lots

USD 1,000

USD 50,000 and above

2,000 Lots

USD 5,000

*Standard Lots: Round Turn (R/T) traded
  • The client can open multiple MT4/MT5 accounts and may redeem from more than 1 MT4/MT5 account at any one time, as long as the amount of deposit and the trading volume are met. Each redemption is capped at USD 5,000 per MT4/MT5 account. There is no cap to the overall amount of bonus each client can redeem.

How it Works

  • To claim for the bonus, the client has to complete the corresponding trading volume, and the Terms and Conditions set out herein. Client must send an email containing client’s name, contact number, email address, MT4/MT5 trading account number, Anzo Cap Back Office ID, and the applied bonus to [email protected].
  • The bonus will be credited into the client’s MT4/MT5 trading account balance when all the Terms and Conditions set out herein have been met in full. The bonus amount may be used for trading purposes or, alternatively, may be withdrawn without restriction.
  • The bonus may take about 2 working days to be converted to the client’s MT4/MT5 trading account.
  • Please click here for detailed Terms and Conditions

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