Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Here at Anzo Capital, we want to give our clients the best environment for trading success. That is why we have worked hard to build the necessary infrastructure to offer VPS.

Having a stable and fast server is critical to your trading performance. The Forex market changes its price in milliseconds. When news releases are out, it can jump by 50 pips in a blink of an eye. This is why it is paramount to every trader to have their connection sorted out.

With the powerful connectivity that VPS provides, your orders will be executed instantly giving you the best price possible and reducing unnecessary losses.

Using a VPS server lets you stay connected to the live market so you are always in control. It allows you to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of the MT4/MT5 trading platform. Trading using Expert Advisors (EAs) has never been more efficient.

One of the prime advantages of VPS, is the ability to produce better profit from high-impact news releases. With ultra-fast order execution, you are able to get in and out at just the right moment. This is because our servers are located in very near proximity to where the bulk of FX transactions take place.

Advantages of VPS with MT4/MT5

  • Run your Algorithms and EAs 24/7 continuously
  • Lightning fast speed
  • No overloaded servers, No lags
  • No need for back-up computers
  • Access from any browser
  • Trade remotely

Enable VPS on MT4/MT5

  • VPS is provided free of charge for clients who have a daily average balance of at least USD 5000 and have traded 5 lots round turn per month.
  • For clients who do not meet the criteria, the VPS will cost USD 35 per month.
  • The fee will be deducted from the account wallet. In the event that there are not enough funds in the client’s wallet, the fees will be deducted from the client’s MT4/MT5 account balance. If there are no more funds in the account balance, the client’s wallet will go into negative and the VPS will be terminated.
  • To request for VPS, please submit a support ticket to customer service via back office.

*Terms and Conditions apply

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