Adjustments to Oil Margin Requirement

  • 8 Apr 2020

Dear Client,

Due to the current uncertainty surrounding the supply and demand of oil, we are anticipating higher market volatility in oil prices. Widening spreads, slippage and gaps in the market are possible as well. 

As such, it has become necessary for us to adjust the following Margin Requirements for the following products. The change is effective from Thursday, April 9th 2020 (Server Time 00:00).

Please find the information as below.

Contract For Differences
Instruments / Symbol Leverage Margin (%)
Spot WTI Crude Oil / USOUSD 1:100 1
Spot Brent Crude Oil / UKOUSD 1:100 1

We would like to remind you to promptly review any open or existing trades in your trading account and ensure you have sufficient margin to manage all positions. 

These changes are temporary and will return to higher leverage as soon as possible. 

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