Anzo Social Trading is a sophisticated platform that provides traders and investors a seamless opportunity to mimic the trading strategies of experienced traders or those with extensive market knowledge from around the world. By leveraging the advanced social trading features, you can aim to become a successful signal provider or follower, enhancing your trading experience and potential success.

Anzo Social Trading

- Dive into the Next Era of Trading Techniques

    • Signal Followers: Earn alongside successful traders from around the world
    • Signal Provider: Earn up to 50% profit share by sharing your trading strategies
    • Strategy/ Signal Promoter: Promote signals and trading strategies to earn commissions

As a partner of ANZO Social Trading, you can seamlessly access the platform using your Anzo Capital MT4/5 credentials. Start exploring the financial markets and unlock new investment opportunities with Social Trading today! 

Experience Anzo Social Trading Now

Anzo Social Trading: Innovative and Intuitive Financial Market Solution

- Experience exclusive functions designed to enhance your trading journey.

    • Subscribe to the trading strategies of top global traders, mimic their trading methods, and maximize your profit potential.
    • Share your real trading experiences and strategies with followers worldwide to achieve your financial objectives.
    • Promote the strategy of signal providers and earn commission income.

As a Signal Follower,

- you are provided with a comprehensive technological interface to achieve your trading objectives and streamline the investment process.

    • Customized Signal Sources: Utilize our powerful signal filtering feature to select the most suitable signals and indicators for your trading strategy.
    • Flexible Subscription Settings: When copying trades, you can customize your subscription strategy, including options for direct or diverse copying, auto scaling, trading volume multiplier, and corrections.
    • Effective Risk Management: Automatically manage the profits and losses from copied trades by setting your preferred thresholds, ensuring strong risk management.

As a Signal Provider,

- you have the opportunity to earn up to 50% profit share by sharing your actual trading strategies.

    • Inclusive and Diverse: The ANZO Social Trading welcomes experienced signal providers from around the world. Anyone can become our signal provider and engage with traders globally.
    • Multiple Profit-Sharing Models: Customize your financial scheme according to your preferences, including subscription fees, management fees, and performance fees.
    • Social Trading Ambassadors: Use your personal link to promote your strategies on social media and other channels to expand your reach and become a trusted and reputable signal provider.

As a Signal Promoter,

- you are equipped with systematic procedures to promote the trading strategies of your subscribed signal providers within your social network, enabling you to earn additional income.

How to Join Anzo Social Trading?

- Follow these steps to join the ANZO Social Trading and begin your new trading experience.

Step 1: Register or Log in:
Sign up for an Account or log in to Anzo Social Trading

Step 2: Choose Your Role:
Decide whether you want to become a signal provider or a signal follower.

Step 3: Create or Copy Strategies:
Create your own trading strategy or copy high-quality strategies from experienced traders.

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Need Help?

  • If you have any questions or need to explore more about our Social Trading, please check our ANZO Social Trading User Manual for community guidelines and FAQ.
  • If you can't find the information you need, please contact our customer service team through online chat or email at [email protected].

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