How To Join?

  • 10% Deposit Bonus 2023” is now open to new and existing clients of Anzo Capital Limited. Clients who participate in this Promotion must complete the Account Opening Process from the Anzo Cap Client portal and successfully open a new MT4/MT5 trading account using either STP or ECN account type.
  • This Promotion is only for Clients who deposit from 1st February 2023 to 31st March 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion Period”). Clients must also maintain a trading account with a minimum deposit of US$500 to enjoy this Promotion.
  • To be eligible for this promotion, the client must fulfill the following conditions:
    1. The crediting of the bonus will only begin from a minimum deposit of USD 500 for those accounts that are eligible for participation in this Promotion. Clients can apply for a 10% credit bonus once the deposit was made. (Deposit of USD 500 or above before Promotion Period cannot be used to take part in this promotion)
    2. During the Promotion Period, the Client must send an email to [email protected], with the details of the Client’s name, MT4/MT5 trading account number, Anzo Cap Back Office ID and the corresponding credit bonus before the start of trading. Clients who send an email to claim the credit bonus after trading has begun will not be eligible.
    3. Internal transfers from existing MT4/MT5 accounts will not be used for deposit accumulation towards your credit bonus calculation.
  • The lots requirement for converting bonus into cash=Amount of Deposit Bonus/2 (Rounding to the whole number).

    For example, if Clients deposited $10,000 and completed 500 standard lots of transactions during the promotional period with the calculation ($1,000/2=500 standard lots), the Clients are eligible to apply for the credit bonus of $1,000 to be converted to the cash balance.

  • Client can request to convert existing credit bonus into cash balance within 120 days from the day the first minimum deposit of USD 500 is made. If the number of the standard lots is completed in advance within the promotional period, the customer can choose submit a request for cash conversion within the Promotion Period; Once conversion is completed, any remaining credit bonus will be forfeited. In this case, any forfeited credit bonus will still be considered as part of bonus cap, USD 10,000. After the cash conversion, Client can choose to continue with the promotion by making a deposit to redeem the remaining credit bonus cap.

    For example, if a Client redeemed and has an existing credit bonus of USD 1,200. The Client is allowed to request to convert credit bonus of USD 1,000 to cash balance when Client completed 500 lots within the Promotion Period. The remaining credit bonus of USD 200 will be forfeited. Client can choose to participate again by making a deposit to redeem for the remaining credit bonus cap of USD 98,800.

For example:

Amount of Deposit (USD)

Trading Volume * (Bonus/2)

10% Bonus (USD)

USD 500 25 Lots USD 50
USD 1,000 50 Lots USD 100
USD 5,000 250 Lots USD 500
USD 10,000 500 Lots USD 1,000
USD 20,000 1,000 Lots USD 2,000

*Standard Lots: R/T traded

  • Only one trading account either STP or ECN account type per Client is allowed to participate in this promotion. Each trading account is allowed to redeem credit bonus of a maximum of USD 10,000.
  • The trading products eligible for credit bonus cash balance conversion are Foreign Exchange (FX), Spot Gold (XAUUSD) or Spot Crude Oil (WTI & Brent). The trading on other instruments will not be considered towards cash balance conversion.
  • Transactions that are not eligible for cash conversion application:
    • Hedge arbitrage trading
    • Trades that are not accepted by Liquidity Providers
    • Trade is opened less than 2 minutes

Bonus Redemption:

  • To convert credit bonus to cash balance, the Client has to complete the corresponding trading volume, and the Terms and Conditions set out herein. The Client must send an email containing the Client’s name, MT4/MT5 trading account number, Anzo Cap Back Office ID, and indicate cash balance amount to be converted from credit bonus to [email protected].
  • The credit bonus will be credited to the Client’s MT4/MT5 trading account balance when all the Terms and conditions set out herein have been met in full. The bonus amount may be used for trading purposes or, alternatively, may be withdrawn.
  • For those Clients who have not applied for the credit bonus but fulfilled the trading volume requirement during the Promotion Period, Clients can redeem cash balance latest by 31st July 2023. In this case, no credit bonus will be given.
  • Please check here for detailed Terms & Conditions.


*Anzo Capital reserves the right of final interpretation of this Promotion*

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